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The Board in 2021

Friends of the 1883 Clarksburg Schoolhouse
Board of Directors

This project is sponsored by the Friends of the 1883 Clarksburg Schoolhouse and is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board desires and encourages input from the community. Please feel free to contact any of our Board members at any time to share your ideas or feedback.

Sharon Brown

(916) 775-1870 h

(916) 213-4130 c

Mike Campbell

530-574-2772 c

916-744-1540 h

Karen Coffee

(916) 715-7751 c

Don Fenocchio

916-744-1642 h

916-207-6776 c

Warren Fox

(916) 601-9004 c​

Wendy Heaton

(916) 847-1968 c

Stephen F. Heringer

916-997-6051 c

Steve Hiromoto

916-233-6725 c

Richard Hunt

(916) 343-6731 c

Gil Lopez


Will Middleton

916-837-2354 c

916-744-1100 h

Mark Pruner

916-204-9097 c

916-744-1500 w

Dan Salazar

(916) 267-5416 c

(916) 776-4112 h


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