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Dwight Connor with his Thoroughbreds at the Connor residence on Merritt Island

Oral History Project

Clarksburg’s uniqueness is reflected in the community cultural diversity that has existed since the founding of the town. We have always appreciated our differences, lived peacefully and enjoyed the company of our neighbors. This unique and interesting history is slipping away. There have never been any local newspapers. Our history is passed down orally through our legacy families. Precious elderly individuals are leaving us without passing on their stories and memories.  We have a time-sensitive opportunity to capture this invaluable information.


We have identified nearly fifty individuals whose family roots go back generations in the delta. Two interviews and recordings of a Clarksburg family history with the Graham Connor family have been completed. We are in discussion with both the Delta Protection Commission and the Delta Stewardship Council for transfer of awarded grant monies that will support the full implementation of our Oral History Initiative. We are extremely grateful to both agencies for their continuing support of our project.

Oral History Library

DIY Resources and Forms

Few treasures are more precious to the greater Clarksburg community than the rich tapestry of cultures and the fascinating stories of our residents.  While the friends will systematically collect information, we encourage families to begin capturing the stories of long-time local residents.  To assist, we have assembled documents, required forms, tips and sample questions.

DIY Resouces and Forms
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