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Clarksburg town team baseball game with the Schoolhouse in the background

Our Vision and Goals


To protect, promote, and enhance the unique cultural, historical, natural resources, and agricultural values of the Clarksburg Region and the Greater Sacramento Delta by creating a community education and resource center in the iconic 1883 Clarksburg Schoolhouse.


  1. To create a virtual and interactive scrapbook that will capture, organize and share collections of local families' and companies' photographs, memorabilia, and oral histories.

  2. To create permanent and rotating museum-quality exhibits that can be digitally and physically accessed by K-12 students, local residents, visitors, and others interested in the history of the delta.

  3. To provide a cultural and social gathering place for community-based activities and events.


  1. To acquire, relocate, and restore the 1883 Clarksburg Schoolhouse.

  2. To develop a sustainable on-going operation plan.

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