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Major milestone – Schoolhouse foundation walls built

Our Schoolhouse Project took a giant step forward with the construction of the 12.5-foot walls surrounding the perimeter of the foundation. With general contractor Jonathan Mills of Mills Builders supervising, it took just four days for Townsend and Schmidt Masonry to build the concrete block walls, nearly 3,000 square feet of walls in total. A heartfelt “thank you” to Dave and Ryan Lucchetti and Ed Primasing of Pacific Coast Building Products for their contribution of the blocks. (If the “Primasing” name is familiar, it’s because Ed’s grandfather was Dr. Raymond Primasing of Courtland, who delivered many children in the north Delta and was the first doctor for many of our board members.) Other critical gifts have been all the structural engineering drawings by Bill Bevier and Bevier Engineering, all the concrete for the foundation by Don and Karen Clark and all the rebar for the foundation and the walls by the Clark Pacific Foundation. Our next major step is to fill the block walls with four truckloads of concrete. After the concrete in the blocks has fully cured, the building will be lowered onto the walls.



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