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Architect’s rendering of the restored Schoolhouse as seen from South River Road

Thank you to our Major Sponsors

First Northern Bank

On behalf of First Northern Bank, I want to express our great pride in being the first and largest donor to the Schoolhouse Project. Our banking clients from Clarksburg are very important to First Northern. Beyond supporting a very important community project in our region, this is another way for us to say “Thank You” to our Clarksburg clients. Not many small communities would have the confidence and connections to undertake such a large and complex project. We know that the Clarksburg community will be successful with its endeavor. We are most impressed with the determination of the Board of Directors and the monetary and in-kind donations that have been contributed to date. We encourage other companies that conduct business in Clarksburg to join us with their support for the Schoolhouse Project.

—Jeremiah Z. Smith

Senior Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer,

First Northern Bank


The Bogle Family

Jody, Ryan and I take great pride in helping make Clarksburg what it is today and what it will be in the future. We thank the 1883 Schoolhouse Board for their tireless efforts with this Project which will bring another great attribute to the community of Clarksburg. We are proud to honor our parents by supporting the “Raise the Schoolhouse” phase of the overall campaign. We look forward to the day that the Schoolhouse will be an education center, Delta Welcome Center and event center for the community.

—Warren Bogle


Don and Karen Clark

Karen and I moved to Clarksburg 16 years ago. We knew the community’s reputation for being a great place to raise a family and for its wonderful community spirit. In reality, we hit the jackpot when we moved here. We are proud to be a part of this wonderful community and to be able to give back in support of important community projects. We are completely supportive of the Schoolhouse Project. We know it will showcase the community’s history, promote K-12 education, provide a community meeting place and serve as a perfect location to welcome visitors to Clarksburg and the Delta. We are proud to be enthusiastic supporters of this great Project.

—Don Clark


Bevier Structural Engineering

Each year our firm picks one major pro bono project to support with structural engineering plans. The Schoolhouse Project was introduced to me and I felt it was very worthy of our support. It’s a great project for the community of Clarksburg and the Delta. The members of my company are very proud that we have been able to play an important part in the progress that has been achieved.

—Bill Bevier

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