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As luck would have it, the second oldest school in Clarksburg, California, built in 1883, remained unnoticed and relatively unharmed at the Noah Adams Lumber Yard since the school closed in 1923. Its significance has made it a natural focal point for coalescing interest in the preservation of the rich history of our region.

Dedicated to preserving the heritage and culture of our very precious and unique delta community.


About Us

We are a group of committed, and some might say crazy, local residents who are looking into our crystal ball and see a beautifully restored Schoolhouse that serves our community by preserving our history and helping us to share its richness with others.

Moving Schoolhouse.png

Our Progress

The building has been donated and moved to its permanent home, so now the real work begins. Follow our progress and join in the fun of preserving our rich delta heritage! The Friends of the 1883 Clarksburg Schoolhouse welcome your involvement and look forward to working with you.

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Get Involved

You can have a big impact in helping this dream become a reality! Consider donating your:





Oral Histories.jpg

Oral Histories

The rich history of Clarksburg is intimately connected to the lives of the families who have settled here over the years. The preservation of this unique history is a major focus of present and future activities of the Friends of the 1883 Clarksburg Schoolhouse.

Clarksburg Schoolhouse Rendering.jpg

Architect’s rendering of restored Schoolhouse as seen from the west

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