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Schoolhouse “Raising” May 5, 2021

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

The Big Day to raise the Schoolhouse 13 feet in the air arrived on Wednesday, May 5. Phil Joy and his team from Phil Joy House Moving in Benicia spent Monday moving the Schoolhouse to its final location and Tuesday moving heavy beams and equipment to the site in preparation for lifting the Schoolhouse. Wednesday's "Schoolhouse Raising" attracted over 300 guests including students from the Delta Elementary Charter School.

What a terrific accomplishment! Six powerful hydraulic jacks, two on each beam, slowly raised the Schoolhouse higher and higher. With each lift more wooden 6" x 6" blocks were put into position to brace the beams. We recognized many of our donors by giving them the opportunity to pull the handle and raise the building.

The next step is to build the forms in preparation for pouring the 12-inch-thick, 2,250-square-foot foundation. Another exciting step in our journey to restore the Schoolhouse to its former prominence in the Clarksburg community!

Thanks to Clarksburg resident Trevor Morris for providing the time lapse photography.



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